These days, you have a better chance of seeing a couple keeping the bench warm at a Moderna craft beer bar, getting ripped off at a downtown skating venue, or even sitting front row at Fashion Week.

Workers have long understood the advantages of these sturdy trousers, but now the rest of the world is also starting. Skateboarders benefit from the added durability, Generation Z TikTokers love the wide fit and fashion designers delight in all the loops, patches and pockets that they can adjust and customize. If there are trousers from the 2020s, then double-knee trousers are fine right now.

Two Knees Are Better Than One

Whether you are a worker or not, the advantages of double knee pants are hard to ignore. In a world where it’s becoming more and more about reducing consumption and wearing things for longer, these pants are among the most durable and resistant pants that money can buy.

They are mis-word for years before they develop holes, and they are extremely easy to repair if they do. Plus, they look great with a little natural wear and tear.

Another great thing about double knee pants is the price. If you stick to the OG workwear brands, these pants are quite accessible. Especially when you consider how long they usually last.

In general, they are looking for a very attractive price-per-use offer, and they are also easy to get second-hand if you want to further reduce costs and environmental impact.

Double Knee Pants Buying Considerations


The best double-knee pants sit quite loose. These are utility pants designed for moving, stretching and kneeling, so you can not limit the freedom of movement too much.

They are usually cut for a classic straight leg, with a fit between normal and loose. For maximum versatility, we recommend keeping it on the more conservative side of relaxed.


These are workwear pants, so they are usually made of tested fabrics appropriate for workwear. We are talking about duck canvas, cotton drill and heavy denim.

Stick to these materials for total authenticity and to get the most out of your new pants.


What makes the double knee pants so unique and practical is the amount of extra details they have scattered around.

It should be noted that not all options offer exactly the same extras. This is especially true for the new generation of fashionable double-knee trousers, which were built predominantly with an eye to aesthetics and not pure functionality.

Some details that you should pay attention to are rivets, additional pockets, tool/accessory loops and reinforced knees that extend to the thigh to ensure maximum coverage.

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